Student Study October 2016

Our new Wednesday series is called “Choices”choices

We all have choices to make and we know that our choices impact our lives and others lives every single day. Our choices matter to God. So, what does His Word say?

This series will cover 4 topics: Honesty, Service, Others and Forgiveness

Join us tomorrow night at 6:15 as we talk about honesty – Every day we are faced with countless decisions where we can choose to be honest or, less than honest. We’ll talk about some obvious choices (cheating, lying, etc.) but also move beyond those to examine how honestly we present ourselves to others.

Taste and See

Our guest preacher this week was Seth Horrell, from Williamsburg, with a message from Psalm 34:1-8.

It is one thing to watch a cooking show on TV and quite another to be in the room where you can taste the food that has been prepared. Knowledge of food and recipes is one thing, but we want to taste it! Watching someone else taste the food is not satisfying, (unless you’re the chef).

The early church was not only known for what they believed, but what they did. Christianity is a faith filled with action words, verbs, which call us toward DOING, not just BELIEVING.

The greatest impact on the world comes when followers of Jesus actually decide to live like Christ.

While BELIEF is good, we must put faith into action and TRUST, much like sitting in a chair or crossing a bridge. Trust allows me to walk across the bridge or sit in the chair, trusting that it will not collapse.

Why is it so hard for us? It is easier to KNOW stuff than it is to act or practice Christianity.

Christians often prefer junk food over nutritious food. Don’t get drawn in to activities over connections with other people.

Sheep don’t get fed in the fold, the get fed in the field. Jesus said that my food is to do the will of my Father who sent me… so we also will find nourishment in doing the will of God, and this is often outside of the fold (the local church gathering) and into the field (the places of lostness all around us).

When we are hungry, is it not the desire of our hearts to taste and see?

Seeking God

Our own Vicki Bohannon was our guest preacher this week, preaching from Mark 6:45-52, with a message called, “Seeking God in the Process of Obedience.”

We often look at tough times as something to endure while on our way toward a goal, but Vicki challenged us to see the process as the goal God has for us. Our goal is God himself, not that which he provides for us. Our purpose is for this moment, and we will never know what our obedience will bring.

Two thoughts regarding this passage on which to focus:

  1. Jesus MADE them get into the boat and go to the other side: hard times should be expected.
  2. Jesus intended to WALK PAST THEM on the water: will we seek Jesus in the midst of our storms?

Passion 2017 Promo

passion-2017Attention College Students and High School Seniors

You are invited to go with us to Passion this year! This is a gathering for all 18-25 year olds in Atlanta at the Georgia Dome.

Worship: Passion Band, Chris Tomlin, David Crowder, Matt Redman, Christy Nockels, Hillsong United
Speakers: Louie Giglio, John Piper, Beth Moore, Christine Caine, Levi Lusko, Francis Chan

The cost is currently $149 if you purchase your tickets by Saturday. The price goes up to $169 after that. The church will pay for transportation and hotel costs. The final day to register is November 30th. Please let Beth know if you have any questions!

Racial Reconciliation

Our guest preacher today was Chris Hassell. Chris shared his heart and experiences of being a black man in America, and then gave a challenge from God’s word (2 Corinthians 5:12-21).

  1. Don’t look on the outward appearance but at the heart (2 Corinthians 5:12, 16).
  2. The solution is found in 2 Corinthians 5:14 – the love of Christ is what controls us.
  3. We are called to be reconcilers (2 Corinthians 5:18-20).
    1. Reconciled to God.
    2. Reconciled to others.

Student Study Fall 2016

Our new series is called “One Another”  love-one-another

At any given point throughout the day we are surrounded by other people. At home, at school, at the gym, at work, at restaurants, etc. And at each of those points, we choose how we will interact with one another. Will we ignore? Love? Mock? Accept?

As followers of Jesus we have some pretty clear directions as to how we should interact with one another – whether those closest to us or those we seemingly would have no cause to speak to. This four series will help us to see just how we are called to one another.

Join us at 6:15 tonight (Sept 21) as we look at the task that Jesus gives his disciples to carry out once he is gone: to love one another. Loving one another, Jesus says, is actually the most effective way to help the world recognize who God is.