Exceedingly Fruitful

Our preacher this month is Seth Horrell, with a message called, Exceedingly Fruitful, from Genesis 17:1-7, 15-16.

Life can often be like a garden maze, where hedges and bushes lead you around with a goal of making it through the maze. But there are times when we come to a dead end and are tempted to cheat, take a short cut through a bush opening. Abraham was like that, taking a short cut to fulfill the promise God has made to him.

Abraham saw no hope, no future, because he had no heir.

There are those who promote a “name it and claim it” theology, seeking God’s blessing… probably seeking the blessing more than the giver of the blessing.

Blessings often look different than we anticipate:

1. They are enough – they will meet your needs, not necessarily your desires.

2. They are for service rather than self – to be used to be a blessing to others.

3. They are generally spiritual and relational rather than materialistic.

4. They are to help develop us into disciples – which is the mark of a Jesus follower.

When God calls, how will you respond? What happens when there appears to be a dead end? Will you trust God? Or will you look for a short cut?

JOY Club – SeniorFest 2017

9:30 – Check In

10:00 – Morning Session with Bean and Bailey

11:15 – Breakout Sessions

Advanced Care Planning: the most important conversation we’re not having.

Chair Yoga: enjoy the benefits of stretching and mental relaxation by learning yoga poses with the support of a chair.

Don’t Sugar Coat It – Let’s Prevent Diabetes: learn the latest strategies for preventing and managing diabetes.

Christians of the Holy Land: in the region where Jesus was born and lived, Christians make up only 2% of the population. Hear from a holy land native about the beauty and the struggles of being a Christian Palestinian.

Inside the Mind of Christian Millennials: join Chowan Campus Ministry and a panel discussion with college students to learn how to minister with the millennial generation.

Scams, Fraud, and Seniors: scammers and con-artist often target seniors. Learn how to spot a scam and reduce your risk of identity theft.

Write Your Life Story: spending just 5 to 10 minutes a session will allow you to share your life with those who you love most.

12:30 – Lunch and Afternoon Session with Bean and Bailey

2:30 – SeniorFest Concludes

Awana Update February 16

AWANA DERBY This Friday Night! Join us to watch even if you don’t have a car!

Next AWANA on this Sunday February 19 from 5:00 – 6:30 pm!

Patriotic Night – Wear Red, White, and/or Blue to show your American Pride!

Need to Know This Week!

  • Plan to stay for Sunday Evening Gathering (childcare available – invite friends)
  • Bring $15 to register for Women’s Retreat
  • Sign up for the final St. Patrick’s Day Parent’s Night Out (check your calendars!)
  • No AWANA on March 5. Our church is having a business meeting to find out about a potential new pastor and we want all our teachers to be able to attend.

Lots of Parent Stuff! Look for details about each event below.

AWANA Derby:


  • Race Day: Friday, February 17th – 6:30-8:30pm
  • Race starts promptly at 6:30 so please arrive between 5:45 & 6:15 to get checked in!

Sunday Evening Gathering – join us for a Bible Study during AWANA! Feel free to start this week – the study starts with a review from last week!

  • Everyone is invited to this four-week discussion starting on Feb 12 from 5:15 – 6:00 pm.
  • We will meet upstairs in Room 208/210. Coffee & snacks provided.
  • Your Move – 4 Questions To Ask When You Don’t Know What To Do by Andy Stanley.
  • For more details go to the church website: www.kingsgrantbaptist.com/yourmove
  • Kids ages 3 – grade 6 are welcome to join AWANA for the four weeks and we can also watch younger kids – contact Karen Strull for details if your kids are younger or not already in AWANA. Great opportunity to invite friends!

GARDEN GETAWAY – Women’s Retreat… Join us for a Garden Getaway Retreat on February 23rd & 24th at King’s Grant. Cost is $15 per person. Details on the church website. Register this week at AWANA!

ST PATRICK’S DAY – Parent’s Night Out – Sign up this week!

  • Who: All Kids 6th Grade and younger
  • What: Includes Dinner, Fun Activities, Crafts and a Movie!
  • When: Friday, March 17 from 5:30 – 8:30 pm
  • Where: KGBC – Harvest Hall

See you Sunday!
Ellie & Karen

DNow 2017 Promotion

DNow Weekend – March 24 – 26, 2017

What is DNow?
Other than being the biggest and best weekend of the year, Disciple Now (DNow) is an local discipleship retreat for students in grades 7 – 12.  This is our 10th year doing DNow at KGBC!  Students will spend an entire weekend with their friends in the Host Homes of members of King’s Grant Baptist Church. Influential guest leaders (awesome college students) will lead and teach throughout the weekend.  Activities include small group Bible Studies and discussions, worship, time to hang out with friends, a fun large group activity and lots of great food!  The students will wrap up the weekend by celebrating in the worship service on Sunday.  As always, friends are welcome!

Early Bird Registration: February 12th – March 5th – $25
March 6th – March 15th  – $35

March 15th is the FINAL deadline
This deadline is VERY important as we have to coordinate food, transportation and housing!)

This cost includes all meals, a t-shirt, a Bible study book, recreation activities, supplies, etc.  If cost is a problem for you or for a friend, please contact Beth Anderson. Checks can be made out to KGBC with “DNow” in the memo line.

What else do I need to know?
DNow weekend begins at 6:30 PM on Friday, March 24th (please eat dinner before you come!) and ends on Sunday March, 26th after the 11:00 worship service in The Well. Please make every effort to ensure your student can participate for the entire weekend.  Missing any part of the weekend means missing a lot!

If you have any questions about DNow, please contact Beth Anderson, Director of Student Ministries – 757-340-0902

Parents and church family, we need your help!

We need you to help by providing food and transportation during the weekend and by committing to pray for our students!  Sign-ups to help with DNow are coming in a few weeks, so be on the lookout!

Our theme for the weekend…

“For we cannot help speaking about what we have seen & heard” – Acts 4:20

Relentless is centered around one idea: If you were put into a situation where you had to choose Christ, but by doing so you would lose everything, including maybe even your life, would you still do it? Are you willing to pursue Jesus in a way where nothing else comes first?

It won’t be easy. But here’s a secret: few things truly worth having are. Your relationship with Christ is no different. 

Relentless: Pursuing Christ at All Cost, will help teenagers understand the 4 main concepts that define a relentless faith: praise, personal evangelism, prayer, and persecution. Your students will see how viewing their faith through these concepts will change their life, and change the world. 

What to Bring to DNow:

Sleeping bag
Sleeping clothes
Bible and pen
Tennis shoes
Socks (for bowling on Saturday)
Favorite snack (to share at your house)
Favorite 2 liter drink (to share)
Jeans & shoes to wear with your t-shirt on Sunday morning
A friend!

Cell phones will be allowed for the weekend, but are not to be used in Bible study or worship.  We want to actually be present with friends who are with us that weekend!


DNow starts at 6:30 on Friday, March 24th.  Please eat dinner before you come!  We will end the weekend after the 11:00 service in The Well on Sunday, March 26th

The Distraction

Our preacher this month is Seth Horrell, with a message called, The Distraction, from Luke 4:1-13.

One large problem in the Old Testament is that the people consistently failed to trust God.

The devil in this story offers the “cheat codes” to Jesus, taking the short cut, using performance enhancing substances. The outcome is emphasizing results over the process.

Jesus was offered a short cut to fulfilling his mission, but the means to the end is just as important as the end itself.

Beware of the thought that “you can have it all,” but just make sure to include a little Jesus on the side.

The kingdom that is built must include the cross. We must die in order to truly live. The church cannot rise when it refuses to drop dead.

Frost wrote about two roads in the woods, and he chose the one less traveled by, which made all the difference.

The Calling

Our preacher this month is Seth Horrell, with a message called, The Calling, from Luke 5:1-11.

Everyone loves a good fish story… but this one is not about fish, but calling, vocation, and purpose.

Peter does not give a fisherman’s response, but a spiritual one. He is told to not be afraid, and has his calling redefined. The great news here, sinfulness does not disqualify us from ministry.

It is interesting that we don’t know what happened to the fish, but we do know what happened to the men.

Calling is not about some higher level of spirituality, like for preachers and missionaries. This would assume that all other callings are insufficient. There are no bystanders in the Kingdom of God (N.T. Wright).

  1. Go deeper – to the place of large ships and dangerous creatures, the ocean rather than the bay. The bay is nice and safe, but it is not where the fish are. We are called to an abundant life, not a safe one.
  2. Let your net out even when you have not been successful. Go where it doesn’t make sense, trust his instruction. We deceive ourselves if we think we know better. Do things you never thought you could, radical living.
  3. Leave everything to follow, they abandoned everything, even the fish.

The Challenge

Our preacher this month is Seth Horrell, with a message called, The Challenge, from Luke 4:21-30.

In the Lion King, there is a scene where Mufasa and Simba are looking over the kingdom, and every place that the light touches is our kingdom. Simba asks about that dark, shadowy place that is far off, and he is told that he is to never go there. It is beyond our borders.

We often define our goodness in opposition to the badness of others. I am brighter by pointing out the shadows in other people not like me.

The crowd wanted Jesus to show off his stuff, but instead he tells two stories, where the hero and rescued person in not one of us, but foreigners. Naaman was from one of those shadowy places called Syria. The people quickly become angry at Jesus, not for the Messiah stuff, but over God working in other people besides themselves.

The Jews were upset at Jesus because God was working in the lives of the wrong people. Our God is rescuing the wrong people. Can God even work with those people?

Yet God has bigger plans, ideas, borders, and vision than the crowd. The goal in Christianity is not for people to look like us, but for them to look like Jesus. We have a choice, to look like our grandparents, or look like Jesus. To look like our culture or look like Jesus, to look at our music preferences or look like Jesus.

We must get over our fear of others. We often ask, that if God is with those other people, is he really with us? Also, the kingdom in not a competition.

Awana Update January 30

No AWANA this week, on February 5 – Enjoy the Super Bowl!

100 PERCENT – AMAZING AWANA on January 29! All 32 registered kids were there (and we didn’t even have game time tonight)! And thanks to our 14 volunteers – we couldn’t do this without you!

We did have a great lesson on Winter Shelter with the Sparks and T&T kids even going on a “field trip” downstairs to see our church members cooking and getting ready for our guests. Please join us and the kids in praying for the 70+ guests we will house every night for a week (January 25-February 1). We provide dinner, breakfast, a bagged lunch, a warm secure place to sleep and many other services including hospitality kits, socks, Bible study, along with lots of love and compassion. Thanks for bringing in food for the KGBC food pantry!